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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu script

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Thats a very good thing you had done. Ii was searching for the net for a good telugu version of Hanuman Chalisa and your files are wonderful gift for me. Thanks, Raghav.
Dear Giri,

Many Many Thanks for your work....This had really helped me in recollecting what I used to recite soem time back regularly....
Chala Thanks....

Hi Giri,

Thanks for this. Amazing job!!
Thank you sir
Thanks Much Giri
Thanks very much, Mandalika.
many thanks
Thank you very much giri.
thank you
meeku na krutagnyatalu...
Telugu lo naku type cheyatam kudaraledu..anduke telugu matalnau ila type chesanu...
chala thanks sir..
correct time lo naku hanuman chalisa dorikindi..inko two days lo hanumadjayanthi vundi...
thanks a lot , mahendra
Thank you Giri,
You have done a great job. I thank you a lot for this post. It's good to see that this post has been useful to many of us.
Good job Giri.
G. Vijay Bhargav
thank you very much for posting this on the web
thank u

from nzb
Thank you very much and it is a treasure........

L.R. Mani Kumar
This comment has been removed by the author.
Great work done! God Bless you!
Thank U dear
Its really good job
Thank you Very Much for this.
thanks yaar, this saves a lot time n money , istead of sending the book, diecrtly......

Chala thanks for this.

thanks for posting
Jai bajaranga bhali.......
thank you very much for given this
Very Helpful. Thank you, dude!
Thankyou very much.. I have been looking for the same book quite for long time and able to get this from you. Great work
Dear Brother

I know "Sri Hanuman Chalisa" by heart. But all of a sudden I forgot and I am away from my family and due to some unavoidable circumstances, I can not go a Temple for one year. All of a sudden I wanted "Sri Hanuman Chalisa". My wife suggested over phone to browse on Net and I got this. May be you are the instrument of Lord Hanuma and I proffusely thank you for this help.


Ravi Kumar Kotti
Really great effort to Mandaika. Really I was looking for this for long time.

God bless you.
I make my gratitude to ur contribution
thank you so much bhayya....
Thank you so much for sharing Hanuman Chalisa. I have been reading book every time.

Thanks Again
Thank you for providing about hanuman ji. happy hanuman jayanti :)
Thank you. I was looking for this for last 1 hr. It reminds me of my childhood days reciting in Veeraswamy publications rajahmundry small books.
Thank you. I was looking for this for last 1 hr. It reminds me of my childhood days reciting in Veeraswamy publications rajahmundry small books.
Thanks a lot !!
chala chala chala thanks andi admin gariki... hanuman chalisa in telugu awesome...
Good Work Admin. Meeku Naa Dhanyavadamulu. i am Looking For hanuman chalisa. But here i got So much information. Once Again Thank you Admin.
Jai Hanuman. Awesome job.Thank you for sharing the informative blog. It is indeed wonderful to read and useful. Read hanuman chalisa.

thanks for providing haniman chalisa in telugu
meru nijam ga demudu andi babu... chala thanks
Thanks for the post. Very helpful.
Thank you for adding it.. I love to read the Hanuman Chalisa..

Hanuman is Hindu God and Most of people found any trouble at that time they gone Read the Hanuman Chalisa. Therefore We need to know the Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics in Hindi because everyone must know the Hindi Language. How to get the Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics in Tamil Language.
Thank U
God Bless U
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